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Vous quittez une zone de contrôle
Taisiia Cherkasova

26 avril  - 20 mai 2023 

81 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris

Taisiia Cherkasova is a Ukrainian visual artist who lives and works in Paris. She uses wood, textile and ceramics to form her hybrid sculptures, which become the support of her painting.The mixture of different mediums, textures and techniques creates her singular visual language. The morphology of her pieces is complex. They make heterogeneous bodies covered with leather, velvet, tattoos and paint. 

This graphic game sends us back to his own history, his memories and his unconscious. One plunges into his pictorial narration gradually. Like during a hypnosis session, the process takes time. The rendering of his pieces is deliberately blurred, the multiple levels of reading appear little by little.

Her work is a wild chimera, you have to learn to look at it to discover its docile side. The symbols and references used in her works are numerous. Some of them come from popular culture, martial arts or cinema. They play the role of clues in this visual quest in which we have the pleasure to get lost.

"You are leaving an enforcement zone"

Close your eyes. Let the sound of my voice carry you. You forget your body. You want to take your time, to let yourself go.

To look at Taisiia Cherkasova's pieces is to explore the unsuspected zones of the unconscious and to question the fantasy, which is both transgressive and liberating. Her sculptures are like misty bodies that contain snippets of reality, true stories, impregnated with desires and torments. They are like fragments of memory that would try to materialize in a physical form. All the elements contribute to create an atmosphere, to express an interior life, that of the unsubdued unconscious.

You consider the environment around you, reality wavers, sensory solicitations are present but you do not feel anything anymore. Progressively impregnated by the relaxation, you sink, you leave a zone of control.

A crudely material world, each experience that we live, whether it is happy, galvanizing or on the contrary sad, painful, marks us in the flesh. Our body envelops our organs, our functional machine but also our memories, our fears, our emotions. We are therefore shaped by our experience but also by our environment, a social position, duties. However, an animality slumbers in us, often considered as dangerous, it also represents a necessary source of imagination and vitality. The superimposition of the silhouette of the pieces and the scenes painted on their surface recall the figure of the double, characterizing the ambivalence of human nature.

Let your thoughts come to you. Welcome the images that appear to you, you perceive shapes and colors. It is as if your body is in front of you but your mind is wandering somewhere else in the room, as if it no longer needs this body for a moment.

The works manifest themselves as complex characters, whose inner world is gradually discovered and makes their appearance deceptive. The paintings, inspired by images from films or photographs, rest in the bowels of soft and sensual forms. This visual relief creates a kind of "vertigo". Suddenly there is no more border, everything is moving. The frame that usually comforts and directs the gaze, disappears to let reality and the unconscious overlap. This fusion leads us to review the relationship we have with our wild side and encourages us to welcome it with appeasement.

You gradually come back to reality. Take a few breaths and re-anchor yourself in the space you are in. Your environment is felt again, its sounds, its smells. You can open your eyes again. Feel free to return to this session whenever you feel like it.

Julia Gomila

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