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Ugo Schildge

Born in Paris in 1987, Ugo Schildge is a painter and sculptor. In 2014, he graduated from the prestigious l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. His work is produced between France, China, and the United States.  As a protégé of Giuseppe Penone during his time at the Beaux Arts, Schildge developed a similar inspired kinship as his mentor to all things natural and organic and of vegetation. Through this organic inspiration that teeters on ecological exploration, his vocation is expressed through a phantasmagoric view of flora and fauna. There are seldom discreet interventions of mankind in his works, often camouflaged within the vegetation. After five years in New York City, where the artist joins the praised Invisible Dog Art Center residency program and works as a studio assistant to Korakit, Ugo Shildge relocates to France in 2018. In May 2020 he enters in residency at Poush Manifesto in Clichy as a countermove to a solitary confinement to join the incubateur that houses over 170 emerging and established artists. In October 2020, his solo show Essence, marks his return to the Parisian artistic scene. The exhibit completes the trilogy of shows launched with « Pollen » in 2018 in Shanghai followed by « Nectar » in New York City in 2019. An exploration into the echo of the evolving world faced with the essential footprint that mankind has placed on the earth, in pursuit of good and excess. The success of Essence, allows the artist to get very promising prospects for 2021 with a new solo show in Shanghai in may and numerous group shows internationally.

Ugo Schildge

Ugo Schildge, Essence

oct 14 - nov 30, 2020,

16 rue des Minimes, Paris 3

Selected Works
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