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Travis Fish

Born in 1989 in Wisconsin, Travis studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he graduated in 2012. After shortly moving to New York where he assisted Katherine Bernhardt in her studio, he focuses on developing his own practice. Inspired by the American hip hop group Migos, Fish painted a series of portraits of the rapper Offset, and recently focused on the fashion he is wearing. His jumpers series debuted with his first solo show Dash presented by superzoom during Miami Art Basel week of 2019. Fish's technique is like fashion today: fast. His paintings have to be completed before the first layer dries. Using the sweater as a template, the paintings imagery ranges from beach scenes to dead bears to brand patterns to people. Recent solo exhibitions include Jumpers with Duve, Berlin and Photocopy Breakfast at Gana Art, Seoul.

Travis Fish, Portrait

Travis Fish, Dash

December 2 - 8, 2019,

The M Building, Miami FL

Selected Works
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