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The Hole x superzoom

Manscaping group show - October 18th-November 18th 2022

Anders Oinonen, Anthony Miler, Brendan Lynch, Caroline Larsen, Cecilia Fiona, Eric Yahnker, Jeremy Shockley, Leo Park, Magda Kirk, Mathew Tom, Matt Belk, Matthew Hansel, Matthew Fisher, Pablo Benzo, Ramiro Hernandez, Tim Irani

"The Hole’s yearly thematic group extravaganza is now across three galleries New York, Los Angeles and this Tuesday, October 18th at Superzoom, Ferdinand Gros' gorgeous gallery in the Marais. Though smaller and pinker, Manscaping Paris will also include depictions of landscape today with a whiff of gender nonsense.

Manscaping we interpret as nature impacted by mankind, not male grooming habits of course; how the idea of raw and rugged untouched nature is an anachronism. Instead of nature “red in tooth and claw” we have symmetrical and still nature, smoothed out and shaved; fantastical or virtual.

In landscape today we see magical realism, a topiary-like control, and a digital framework. Magical realism has landscapes coming alive with activity and spirit, as in the detailed swirling screen by Cecilia Fiona. The tight control of the natural world comes across in the discrete and symmetrical shapings of Matthew Fisher or Anthony Miler. And the digital tools impacting our way of giving image to nature inform the work of Tim Irani or Matt Belk.

In this show we include female body as landscape but also male body as landscape and also no-body as landscape, as well as some humorous gender chiché-upending and an actual hairy man-scape from Magda Kirk."

superzoom is delighted the welcome The Hole for this amazing show. The Hole is a contemporary art gallery run by Kathy Grayson, with spaces in New York and Los Angeles. Opened in 2010, The Hole presents monthly solo and group exhibitions with a focus on emerging art and thematic group shows.

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