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                                 Credits Aurélien Mole

superzoom Grand Opening Exhibition

April 12th - May 14th, 2022

47 rue des Tournelles / 81 Boulevard Beaumarchais

Here we are. After several years of parisian wanderings, tossed by multiple waves, forcing us to row upstream, to sail on sight, navigating our way through lockdowns, curfews and temporary reopenings, time has come for superzoom to dock in port, at 47 rue des Tournelles, in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.


Opening in Paris makes perfect sense for us. This city, for so long asleep, is beating today with a fresh desire of renewal, of creative energy, it is pulsing with life, laughter, envy. It has a lot to give, on local, national and international levels. We believe in her and in the parisians, freshly welded together, and we hope that they will continue to believe in us and to support us like they so greatly did before.


It has taken us some time to find the rare gem, this gallery crush that resembles us so much. Set up in a private courtyard, our permanent space, designed by Golem studio, is meant to be experienced like a living space, a chill space of encounters, discussions, but also morning coffees, and festive dinner parties for our artists, collectors and friends.


We are preparing a very busy and vexy sexy artistic agenda, that we hope to be pop, sharp and edgy. We’ll start the season with a group show gathering artists involved by our side since the beginning : Charles Hascoët, Travis Fish, Desire Moheb-Zandi, Vilte Fuller, and Marcella Barceló but also new gems like Joseph Munyao Mutuku, Michael Igwe, Alexan- der James et Leonardo Meoni, that let us imagine what superzoom’s future will be made of. Each of them gives you a glimpse of its universe, its vision of our world being reborn, a world that we hope will be different.

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