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Desire Moheb-Zandi

Desire Moheb-Zandi (b. 1990, Berlin, Germany) integrates personal history and cultural identity in her large-scale, sculptural tapestries. Drawing from memories of her childhood in Turkey, where she passed hours watching her grandmother weave on a loom, Moheb-Zandi meshes traditional techniques with modern motifs and media. In addition to including rubber tubing, acrylic dowels and synthetic netting in her work, Moheb-Zandi fashions the loom as a sort of analogue computer, where the code is her pattern, and her manipulation of the pattern creates optical resonance and movement. The diversity of material and fabrication techniques that Moheb-Zandi uses function on formal and conceptual levels; her work is visually dynamic, and it serves as a record of the artist’s life and journeys.

Desire Moheb-Zandi

Desire Moheb-Zandi | Fields of Reflection

January 30 - Febuary 24, 2021

21 rue Chapon, Paris 3
Selected Works
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