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Ry David Bradley b.1979

MFA, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne





Portraits of the 21st Century, superzoom, Paris, France

Once Twice, The Hole, New York

Stockholm Syndrome, Carl Kostyal Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden



Still Life 2, Brigade Galleri, Copenhagen

Transmission, Sullivan & Strumpf, Sydney



Search History, The Hole, New York How to Bend Reality, Last Resort, Copenhagen

All Stories, Sullivan & Strumpf, Singapore

The Square, Future Gallery, Berlin 500 Years, Tristian Koenig Gallery, Melbourne



Letmein - with Jon Rafman, Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, Herning, Denmark

Click, Gallery 9, Sydney, Australia Your Story, Tristian Koenig Gallery, Melbourne, Australia



Room With A Views, The Hole, New York, US

Realities, Neumeister Bar Am, Berlin, Germany

Post Truth 2, Galerie Derouillon, Paris, France

21th Century, PM/AM, London, UK Powershot, Bowerbank Ninow, Auc- kland, New Zealand

Upgrade, County, Palm Beach, US



Overworld, COMA, Sydney, Australia


Add Paintings, The Hole, Basel, Swit- zerland

Dadabase, Composing Rooms, Berlin, Germany

Unvalley Valley, Evelyn Yard, London, UK



Access All Areas, Bill Brady Gallery, Kansas City, US

Not To Be Digitized, Tristian Koenig, Sydney, Australia

Where Do You Want To Go Today, Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy Border Protection, Tristian Koenig Gallery, Melbourne, Australia



Picture Movement, Utopian Slumps Gallery, Melbourne, Australia




Pink Gallery, superzoom, Miami FL (Miami Art Basel week)


Soft_ware: Textiles After Technology, Kunsthaus Erfurt, Germany



Superzoom, Superzoom, Paris, France Art Brussels, The Hole, Brussels, Belgium

Enter, Lyon Housemuseum, Mel- bourne, Australia

Zona Maco, The Hole, Mexico City, Mexico

ALAC, The Hole, Los Angeles, US Auckland Art Fair, Gallery 9, New Zealand



Coccaro On Paper, Carl Kostyal, Puglia, Italy

Code Art Fair, The Hole, Copenhagen, DK

Melbourne Art Fair, Tristian Koenig,


Melbourne, Australia

ALAC, The Hole, Los Angeles, US Sydney Contemporary, Gallery 9, Syd- ney, Australia

Slippage, Post Institute, London, UK 01, PM/AM, London, UK

Looking For U, Unit London, London, UK



Post Analog Painting 2, The Hole, New York, US

New Dawn, Neumeister Bar Am, Ber- lin, Germany

Superposition of Three Types, Artspace,   Sydney,   Australia Sessions, Galerie Paris Beijing, Paris Sydney Contemporary, COMA, Syd- ney, Australia

Watching Windows, Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Museum, Auckland, New Zealand

Seattle Art Fair, Castor Gallery, Seat- tle, US

Falling From Your iCloud, Dot Project, London, UK

Art 150 9 X 5, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, Australia Wave, County, Florida, US



Temporary Highs, bitforms gallery, New York, US

Shut Up & Paint, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

NADA NY, Evelyn Yard, New York, US Bruise, Et Al, San Francisco, U Unvalley Valley, Evelyn Yard, Art Co- logne, Germany

Face to Face, Palazzo Fruscione, Salerno, Italy

Painting, More Painting, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Mel- bourne, Australia

Art of The Matter, Contemporary Art Museum, St Louis, US

Oceans Without Surfers, PM/AM, London, UK

In The Depth of The Surface, Ex Fabri- ca Orrobia, Milan, Italy

Art Brussels, Brand New Gallery, Brussels, Belgium


What’s Up, LVH Art, London, UK Artissima, Brand New Gallery, Torino, Italy

What’s Up 2 - Frieze, LVH Art, Lon- don, UK

Dallas Art Fair, Brand New Gallery, Dalla, US

ALAC, Evelyn Yard, Los Angeles, US



FIAC Officielle, Brand New Gallery, Paris, France

Not A Photo,The Hole, New York, US Artissima, Brand New Gallery, Torino, Italy

Windoes, Composing Rooms, Berlin, Germany

Miami Untitled, The Hole, Miami, US



Mirrorcity, Hayward Gallery, London, UK

FIN, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, Australia

Tabularium, Slopes Gallery, Mel- bourne, Australia


Studio Model, Artspace, Sydney, Australia

The Lies Of Light, MADA, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia BYOB 2013, RMIT Design Hub, Mel- bourne, Australia




2014 Australia Council for the Arts 2012 APGA Research   Scholarship 2012 JM Kerley Travelling Scholarship 2011 VCA Athenaeum Club Award First Prize

2011 Myer  Foundation Award




National Gallery of Victoria

Herning Museum of Contemporary Art Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow Lyon Housemuseum

Aldala Collection Art21 Collection

Private Collections U.S, Europe, Asia

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