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Mia Vallance

Mia Vallance is a British painter born in 1998. Graduated from Central Saint Martins London, she also briefly studied at l'Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris.

"Mia’s paintings suggest heavy heads on thin stems, seeping colours marred by overwhelming browns and dark places. There’s a timelessness to the phenomenon of decay, yet she also acknowledges the specificity of the disconcerting times she paints in. There is a sense of an increased scale in her new paintings- grand and simultaneously microscopic. The gestures seem sky bound, monumental in their reach and unsure in their opacity. The washes of colour are hasty to be too loud, instead concerned with the ‘glow’- as if there is something else at hand. The nature of a colour placed beneath another gives the paintings literal depth and allows for a magnetism to the work which both pushes and pulls. Mia enjoys playing with this luminescence, we can imagine the static images moving as the pigments spill." - Esme Blair

Photos credits Isabel MacCarthy

Mia Vallance.jpg

Mia Vallance | Painting for a short future

December 16th 2022 - January 14th 2023

81 boulevard Beaumarchais Paris 3

Selected Works
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